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 May & June 2014 

Summer is coming!

                     I have developed a second quirky passion after chess, which is Ultimate Frisbee. Although the sport is not known to many people and its fan base is extremely small due to Lakeside’s love of diversity especially through sports, I got to meet some new friends who came in this year who were in love with it. It really started out extremely small, with me practically unable to even throw the Frisbee around, and them bearing with me. But practically every day we would play Frisbee in Red Square (hence it being called Red Square Ultimate) and after just twenty minutes before the buses came every day of the week I practically got almost an hour in every week. After practicing for weeks and weeks, I finally began to understand more of the game, but still lacked crucial skills such as my forehand. My backhand could pass, but forehand was a flop. Thus with my throwing inabilities, I began to play cutter instead. In ultimate Frisbee, there are different jobs in the field. There are the handlers who throw the Frisbee and the cutters, like me who go about catching it, tossing it back to a handler, and then it would repeat.  

                       Because I had practiced so much with the team, they allowed me to join their team, and from there my experience grew. I began to understand how the game went about, and what type of cuts worked and what didn’t. This allowed me to grow as a player, until I began averaging as a cutter four goals a game! Little did I know that I had a natural talent of speed. I would cut to the left, fade out and do a tiny head bobble to keep the guy guessing, and then suddenly explode off to my right, separating myself from him by a couple strides. One of my best friends John would launch one towards me and boom, I was in the goal. In the end, playing every week in this hat league on Friday, has allowed me to grow as a player, and turning this activity from a normal pass time to a full on sport.

                   At last, I tried out for YCC, which is a select team that gets to play in Minnesota at the end of the summer. Although I have never played a real league game, technically, as the one played every Friday was just kind of like a pick up hat league, I played with confidence, and I continued to play with what I knew. I used that move a couple times but against better players I realized that it simply doesn’t work to go deep every time. Soon I developed a new strategy, where I would pretend to go deep, but then suddenly I would cut back in and boom, instead of running away from the person who is throwing in, I do what they call an in-cut, which I didn’t know at the time. Now when they start trying to predict my in-cut, then boom I was running back deep again. Having a range of moves, led me to get open very often. Although they did not let me on the team, they had said that I could be a practice player. (Only four are allowed to do so), which means that I practice with the team, but I am not allowed to go to the tournament. But even this deal was taken back, as they realized that I was going to be gone after a month. Alas, this sport has completely changed my life, in a positive and healthy way, and I hope that I can continue to get better.                  

                         by YoYo 

                     As the end of the school year ends, I start to worry. Actually, no scratch I that, I start to panic. You might ask panic about what? Grades. I’m really not sure if I’m acing the class or if I’m failing except for social studies class because that teacher is the only one that shows your grade before the term ends. Math, English, Latin? I have now clue. Oh, god especially math. Another side of nearing the end of the school year is summer. I love summer, not only because there is no school but the freedom you get during summer. The only reason most people work so hard during the last few weeks of school is because they can feel the summer heat breathing on them. A Deja vu of fun exciting times playing basketball or eating ice-cream on the sidewalk curb. It feels so close yet there is still a bunch of work to finish before paradise begins.

                   One of the most exciting thing during this summer is Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is my second favorite sport behind basketball (if u consider ultimate to be a sport). I love the feeling against my face as I run into the run trying to catch the disc. Ultimate is one of the only sport where you could be faster than the disc/ball. Basketball, soccer, baseball, the ball is always faster than the person. I also love it because of the free play during the game. Like basketball you have to remember all the plays and it ruins the fun of free style. My favorite thing to do while playing ultimate Frisbee is to huck it deep. Generally speaking it is not really a great idea to huck it deep because you have a higher chance of losing the disk. I’m quite happy because our coach for the summer approves of us hucking the disk and I’m very excited to play our second game.

                  I am also quite excited about getting back to chess. I hadn’t played chess in like 2 months and I felt really rusty and bad at it. During the WA open I completely failed and flunked out almost blundering in every single game and it felt like I barely knew how to play chess. But near the end of the tournament I started getting the hang of the game and even won a few games like beating a WFM. I hope that by the end of the summer I can be around 2100 but that is a big dream and I would also have to work hard to achieve it.

                 I am also looking forward to school. Not school school. But the soccer season that is about to start this fall. Our team has gotten so close to winning the championship but we have never won it. Last year we tied for the championships after we scored and they took away our goal. And the Year before that we had a crushing defeat in the semi- finals when they claimed the ball had gone through a “hole” in the net. Our team hopes to redeem ourselves this year and maybe win a championship.

                 Overall, I am really excited for the summer that is about to come. I feel like I would have a great time hanging out with friends. And especially no homework. I feel like homework keep dragging me back down and in the summer I can finally be free.

                              by ToTo